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Do not copy content that is already published on your site or published on any other sites. Search engines may penalize your site or not rank your page if it has content that is copied or duplicated from other sites.

We will use each proposition and check all over the internet indexed website pages to see if that specific proposition already exists on any indexed page.

You will get a list back with the found request, and it’s the first source we discover so that you can rewrite it. This will help you be original in the eyes of Google and might give you a boost in rankings.

Unique Content

Unique content is a term that relates to search engine optimization, and it means original content that is not found anywhere else on the web. It plays a crucial role in rankings because search algorithms rate unique content highly and penalize websites for duplicate content.

Duplicate Content

The opposite of unique content is duplicate content, and it refers to identical content published on more than one website.

While unique content can improve your website’s search rankings, duplicate content will decrease it. Google can remove from its index pages that are found with the same content.

Duplicate Content on Products

However, we know that you will have products with the same description and contents if you have an online shop.

Product pages will not be considered for duplicate content penalties, but they will be considered for unique content. So make sure you write an excellent unique product description.

It will help you in the long run with ranking, traffic, and customers will have something to read about your product instead of 2-3 lines of the product description the long run, it will help you.

The only problem you might encounter with similar product descriptions is that your product page might not get indexed, as search engines are looking to rank helpful content. If the same content exists on other websites, why would he index your product as well?

Tips for creating unique content
  • Do not copy text from somewhere else
  • Always use multiple sources when researching.
  • Give your text a unique structure.
  • Use your unique style.
  • Use your reasoning. Explain things how you understand them.

You can avoid plagiarism by citing research and using your own words to describe the concept.


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