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Remove pages from google index, that do not exist anymore.

When a user clicks on them, they will probably get on a 404 page or on an empty page. If you do not have any redirect method to another similar post, in case you changed that URL, this sends Google a signal that that page does not exist anymore and you get ranking problems in exchange.

You will send the link, and we will take care of the problem.

If you don’t know if you have dead links indexed in google, use our Find all Google Indexed Broken Links product and get a list with all your missing pages/posts/products.

Do it yourself

Use the Google search console to remove URL requests.

Google Search Console.

  1. Open the Remove Outdated Content tool
  2. Enter the URL of the search result to clear. Learn how to get this URL.
  3. Click Request Removal. You will see a list of your requested removals at the bottom of the page.

If your request is successful:

  • Google will remove the snippet and cached copy from search results.
  • If the page is no longer available, it will remove the search result entirely.
  • If the page is still available, it will remove the currently cached version and snippet from search results. The page can still appear in search results, but without a snippet or cached version. The cached version and snippet will be refreshed in search results the next time Google’s crawler visits the page.


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