Write Tweet Content Service

To attract followers, you need to post quality content regularly.

We will create quality content with a focus on user conversion and engagements.

I will dedicate up to 60 minutes writing for your Twitter account every day, Monday to Friday, for four weeks.

If you need more help, let us know, and we will take care of your needs.

Research #hashtags

We will do weekly #hashtags research on your main account interests, using automation to generate reports to find out the best #hashtags to use in the following week.

Having a #hashtag report on hand will help us create content to generate more impressions and engagements.

Crafting Irresistible Tweet Content

So now you know what your tweet should look like – and do. But what types of content get the best reactions from your followers? Here are a few tweet types that beg to be retweeted.

  • Media tweets. Images, videos, and gifs stand out on a timeline. Use them!
  • Stats and figures. Tips, statistics, and facts engage while delivering value.
  • Questions! Asking a question positions your followers as experts and gets them to chime in.
  • Quotes. Everyone loves to hear from a thought leader. Use quotes to drum up interest.
  • Jokes. If your brand allows for it, jokes get good traction. Just exercise good judgment.
  • Like if “no”, retweet if “yes”. Twitter lets you do polls, but this format encourages sharing.
  • Hashtags. Capture the search audience or create your own branded “chatroom” with a hashtag.
  • Try a thread. Have more to say on a topic? Do it piecemeal with a Twitter thread.
  • Leave them wanting more. “Find out”, “See why” and “Here’s how” are great ways to encourage click-throughs. Give it a try!
  • Timing matters. You might have written the perfect tweet, but if it goes out at the wrong time it’ll get lost in the noise.

Are you inspired to write a tweet for the ages? Go forth and make it happen!


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