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Google penalizes your website if you have 404 pages indexed in google. It would be best if you fixed that eighter by removing them from the index or by using a redirect to a similar page or post, as you might want to keep the juice from that indexed URL. But what if your website is a bit bigger? You can’t just go manually and click on each link to see if it’s still up and running. has your back covered. We will do the job for you and provide you with a list of all links that we find missing but still indexed in google.

After you have the list, you can eighter do it yourself or use one of our products and Remove your dead URL from google search.

Why are broken links unhealthy?

When users click on one of your links, they expect helpful content. If they encounter a broken link instead and only see a 404 error, your visitors get annoyed – and will probably leave your site. In addition, search engines punish sites that offer a terrible user experience. Therefore, broken links can even harm your ranking.

There is one more reason to deal with broken links. When Google and other web indexes crawl your site, they do not index your whole website at a first crawl. Instead, they do it in multiple phases, but what happens if they find a dead link or other problems in the first crawl? From my understanding, all future crawls are stopped until you fix the issues they found already.

You have to find out all problems, fix them, and just after that, resubmit your sitemap to the index. The problem is that you will have to wait again for your turn to come on their list of websites to index.

How does indexing work?

Your website has multiple pages connected through links, and all your pages should also be inside your website’s sitemap. First of all, you need your users to find the page, and you also might want any web index like Google to find that page to index it.

A crawler checks your sitemap if you have one (if not, it will start from the main page), identifies all your website pages, and then parse each page going through all links found. After creating his website’s sitemap, if no problems are found, he will prioritize your most important pages and submit them to a page processor.

Why I’m saying that he will submit just the prioritized pages? Because not all your website will get indexed in the first run, the reason behind this is that millions of pages are sent to index each day, and resources for that are limited. This way, more websites can benefit from being indexed faster, even if only part of their website will be found indexed and searchable on google.

In some cases, if the website content has no real value, Google, for example, might choose not to index it at all.

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