Competitor Analysis Report



You should consider to get a Competitor Analysis report before you start to construct or even plan your website pages or product names.


If you do the research in advance you might find out that some products or keywords are to hard to rank on and you can focus on others instead, or you find out that you can expect to rank easier if you simply see that your top competitors do not sell some specific product or that they have bad seo structure on titles, you might come with a better title for that specific page and actually win their costumers by outranking them.

What we need from you are your top 8 competitors websites or your 1 main keyword you want to rank on and we will get the first 8 websites that rank on that search and make our analysis.

Bellow you will find a complete analysis report so you can know exactly what to expect, in advance of paying anything.

<– example report not finished –>

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