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Why are you so expensive?

Expensive it’s just a perspective, what you might want to ask is: Why are others so cheap? Or what type of value do you provide with your services?

Now that is another perspective that we can talk about. Let’s get into the business.

Why are others so cheap? And let’s add a subject to the question, let’s call it:

Why building a website with others is soo cheap compared to you?

What you did not know about “the others” witch are eighter a “company” or a “freelancer”, not all but most of the ones that provide cheap websites, is that they do not actually build you anything. Let’s say they ask for 300-600$ to build you a website, they show you templates, they ask you to choose the one you like, and everything look’s fantastic in your eyes right? Easy, cheap and in 3-7 days your website is ready to be launched. Cool right?

Well… what actually happens behind the scenes, you choose a design you like, they buy a ready made template (it’s called a  wordpress theme, taking into the consideration that they will build the website using wordpress cms) they pay for it (if they don’t already have it) about 30-50$ they install it in a testing environment or directly live on your domain, add the content on it (using a ready made template you chose), the time they require to do that it’s about 3-5 hours for the whole process (to add content, settup links, logo’s, install plugins for sliders, contact forms, analitics and soo on. Easy enaugh right?

That company is happy they just made 600$ on a 5 hours work time, you are happy that you’ve got a good looking site as cheap as 600$ in under a week (cause they don’t give you access right a way, they will say it took a week or more, and ask you fancy questions to look very serious about what they are doing… anyhow… it’s a hoax).

I call it a “hoax”,  “a joke” because that piece of … website is just as good as a trash bag could be. It’s something that exists, it might look beautifull but it doesn’t do much.

Let me ask you the next questions:

  • do you want your website to ever rank high on google?
  • do you care if nobody will ever find your website when they search your keywords?
  • do you care if it will take about 5-10 secconds for your website to load?
  • do you like “bugs” in your website? (A bug is something that doesn’t work as it should)
  • Do you want your website to be completly compatible with a mobile phone? Where each link to be easy click-able, and with a design that allow the user to easly navigate and not to become frustrate that he can’t find what he is searching for?

And the list can go for as long as you would like. There are a load of things you have to take into consideration, and this type of companies will just not do it, because that money just don’t cut the time it’s needed to configure everything corectly, or they don’t have the budget to hire the right people to take care of each of them, purely because website design it;s not actually learned in any school, it’s learned eighter from courses (were they learn you the basics, same as in the university where they teach it for only 3 months to be exact). And the people who actually are good at it are self learned, and love the job.

There are others who saw an oportunity in the domain and took a course and learned the basics… but they don’t actually know what is needed in the market this days, or what an online business needs. That’s why the web developers, the good ones, cost quite a lot, we are very few that are passionate about it and do it with style. And there is the other ones who use the “price” drop to catch “customers” to buy their product once.

The truth is, building a good website, with a good structure, design,  and mantaining it in order to succeed is costly but efective. It can grow your online business and expose it to unlimitted ammount of people from any part of the world, it’s something that you can keep growing and growing and if you have a good plan and structure for it, it will make your life much easier and will actualy help you pay much less for future upgrades.


Let’s get into the value part.

What type of value do I provide for my services?

That’s easy. Passion and Experience backed by  a good touch on design, having a background in Fine Arts. The design type that I do, it will always be clean, user focused and on point. If you preefeer chaos type of design, i am sorry, but that is just not my style.

One of the most valuable asset, is that i love automation, this allow’s me to advance very quick into projects as i’ve built for myself automated scripts to help me into the “daily” processes. This will guarante there will be no faulty configurations (something that is easy to forget when you set up something).

For every service that i do, you will find detailed instructions on how to do it yourself, for free. You don’t have to pay me for it, information is free and i am trying to learn people the corect way of doing things (from my own perspective, and experience), most of the information do exist online in the official documentations, but i rewrite it using my own experience and in “human” words, so everybody can understand even if it’s not a programmer, marketing specialist or a designer.

However if you require the use of my services, you will have to pay eighter the time i will invest building a new feauture or design for you, eighter the software that took years to develop and learn how to do them the corect way.

I do not use buyed wordpress themes for example, i made the perfect one for myself, with 0 bugs or security vulnerabilities (as much as i possibly could, there is always another smarter person then yourself, that’s something we all know), seo and user friendly in mind. I use limited external wordpress plugins, only the ones that are very proffesional like “Woocommerce” witch is a free plugin used by milions of websites,  this one is used to add shop capabilities to the website (i do not have to reinvent the weel) and is secure proof and always up to date.

For any other custom functionality i will create custom plugins, that are 100% compatible with the theme and 0 vulnerabilities. Security of a website is very important, there are milions of websites attacks every hour, each external plugin you add to your wordpress website will add the posibility to come with a vulnerability, making your website a target for hackers.

So what have we learned? And what value do i bring for the prices that i ask?

  • Experience
  • Good eye on design
  • User friendly
  • Quality code
  • Vulnerabilities free
  • Good structure for your website
  • SEO ready
  • Content recomandations
  • and many more, for free and really good informations, read the FAQ sections on what interest you (it’s all structured by category) or to Blog sections where i provide free informations on how to do it yourself corectly.

What you pay, is what you get! It’s not just an old saying, it’s the value you apreciate your product at.

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