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How do I get on page one of Google for a specific keyword?

  • high quality content
  • website structure
  • keyword strategy
  • in-page seo
  • internal linking
  • external linking
  • social media
  • social media strategy
  • domain name with keywords strategy
  • server location
  • domains and why .country code is better then others

There’s no magical formula for ranking on the first page, but Google heavily favors websites with high quality content developed around relevant keywords of your business and a good website structure.

Let’s play a game, imagine this:

You have big competitors:

  • with content similar to yours
  • same image quality of website or/and on products
  • Number of pages similar to yours

But somehow they rank better in google then your website. Why? Well, they might just have any one of the next over you, and this would make them more powerfull in the eyes of google:

  • Server location, closer to customers
  • Their domain names are older then yours (it matters, as they will build trust and a history with google). The older the domain the better (it matters only if the domain owner* did not change, you cannot just buy an old domain and expect to get it’s history with you, it’s not like a company, it still helps you with keywords ranking, or customers like their history, but you don’t get the full power of it on owner change).
  • The website structure. Website structure is one of the most important aspects of your website. You should invest a lot of time to build the structure your website is compatible with, and add content accordingly.
  • The website SEO structure. So there is the structure of the content as pages and categories, and there is another structure inside the page itself. The content structure inside your page is as important as the rest. The title, the description, the keyword relevancy from both of them distributed inside the first text in your website and the similar words from the rest of the page are of the same importancy as everything else.
  • Website internal linking. This is one of the top as well. Internal linking are the links/buttons that get you from page to page (not only the menu itself but the rest of the links within the content as well). The links from promos, sliders, the buy now, add to cart and soo on… must be clear, easy to spot (meaning, it must have distances around them, easy to click, minimum 48px height) and different color then the normal text or background. They should have a color that differentiate them from the normal text.
  • Website external linking. This one is important to consider, and you should also be very carefull with it. External linking are links to external websites within your page. Normaly if you link to an external website within your content would mean that you want to send your user to a more complete information about something. But. If that website is not good in the eyes of google, if it’s DA – domain autority, or PA- page autority is low, it might mean that the content provided by them has no value whatsoever, doing this you create a power exchange between your page and their’s, and if your page lowers in value, you should expect a power drop from google rankings or in worst cases to be unindexed from google if that page/domain is on a blacklist for any number of reasons (might be a spam website, or contain a hack, or other things i will not write in here, as i could get penalised myself as there is a words blacklist as well- you should not have words in your website that link to a totaly different domain, especialy if it’s a domain where there are age restrictions applied).
  • They might just have a simple sitemap better then yours (remember a bit up where we talked about site structure? Well a sitemap is just that, it’s the structure of links that you send to google to index ). A wrong built sitemap could hurt your rankins as well.
  • Your competitors might have more backlinks then you. What is a backlink? A backlink is an “external link” we talked about it a bit upper, it’s a link on other sites pointing to your website. The value of it in the eyes of google is like this: The more you have the more important you might be. But. You only need backlinks that are from powerfull websites with a high DA – domain autority or PA-page autority. The lower value ones might hurt your domain power.
  • And one of the most important: Social Media presence. Well… here there is a lot to talk about, i will write a complete series of posts about this, but here is the short version. The more people talk about your business of other social platforms the better for your Brand. You should have for example 1 Facebook Page where the goal is to gather a lot of followers, to get them active in your page, liking posts and comment to your information distributed in there. This will also generate really high traffic to your website if done right. Some business get almost 50% of their traffic only from Social media activity.

I belive i formed you an ideea on the what others might have and you don’t. Now let’s talk about the value you have in your website, as this is the top 1 importance of the website.

Would you consider that the informations you have on your website are top notch? If not why would you expect google to consider you as an importance in the field? Google only ranks up what he considers to be helpfull to the users.

Now you could say that, ok, but in my domain, not even my competitors who rank number 1 do not have the perfect or complete content. That might be true, but then other rule applies. Ok so… if all the websites in this domain fall in this category and are poor in content quality, then Google start looking at the other indicators, as we talked a bit upper (structure, SEO and soo on…).

I made an entire series of posts about content quality and how you should build them, using SEO in mind and a good structure for it.


There are however, other tips and tricks that you could do to rank for specific keywords, for example you could buy a domain name with the exact keyword, for example if you want to rank for web hosting, then you should buy web-hosting.com or your country domain .it .ca .ro etc…. As google priorities the domains based on country. If you are in Romania, the priorities for website ranking would fall on the domains with .ro extension. That’s another trick you could use to target specific coutries.

You could build facebook pages or on other social media platforms, with the name variations of your target keywords (followed by your brand name, such as WordPress Website – Webackit , this will create a keyword  “Wordpress website” that will use the power of that platforms to rank in google with it’s page (not your website page, with the facebook page itself instead). You could use that page to drive traffic to your website and build autority on the keyword itself.

For other ideeas check out the blog section related to SEO strategy’s.


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